Core teams are essential to our mission.


Each institution that joins nbop establishes a core team.

Core teams conduct one-on-one interviews within their institution and organize internal actions, involving their members in leadership training. Delegates from each member institution meet monthly to make decisions about issues facing the community, and actions to be taken. Core team members work to strengthen their own institutions, listening to their members about what affects them. They train in leadership skills to lift up their capacity and build power. Core teams bring people together to determine the issues, find what’s achievable, and establish a plan to address those problems.



Core teams:

  • Initiate listening campaigns within the organization regularly

  • Lead their organization in efforts to address issues affecting the community

  • Support solidarity-building activities in their organization

  • Via the NBOP, lead the organization into relationship with other organizations and the public.


Nbop’s leadership hires staff to provide organizing, facilitation, mentorship, training and administration.

Membership is available to non-profit organizations or congregations whose vision, mission and activities conform to the values of NBOP and who are committed to working actively towards the realization of NBOP’s vision, mission and goals. Congregation is defined as a group of people of shared faith, who gather regularly for worship and who work within an established religious faith. Organizations must have a membership structure that includes a method to vote for application for membership in NBOP and representation in the Leadership Council.