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2022 Candidate Questionnaire
on Housing Issues

The North Bay Organizing Project launched a candidate questionnaire for the 2022 election to help voters see where suburban candidates stand on key housing justice issues.

We published these questions verbatim and as received from each candidate. We also asked candidates to rank their priorities from a list of 10 options with #1 as the top priority and #10 as the least priority. 

Click the candidate below to read their responses.


Petaluma moved to district elections in 2022.

Districts 1, 2, 3 will elect district representatives in the November election. Candidates will show up on the ballot as Councilmembers.

What kind of power do the City Council and Mayor have regarding housing issues?

  • Adopt and/or modify the City budget and oversees funds in collaboration with the City Treasurer and the Mayor.

  • Enact ordinances (such as rent control, just cause, short-term rentals, etc.) subject to the approval or veto of the Mayor in collaboration with the City Attorney.

  • Set priorities for the City.

Not sure who you're voting for? 

Petaluma City Council




Petaluma Mayor

Mayor At-Large

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