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Latinx Student Congress

Our Latinx Student Congress organizes youth leaders from Latinx-based social justice clubs in middle school, high school and universities to deepen their understanding of power dynamics and lead campaigns for more equitable living conditions in their communities.


Our organizers support emerging student leaders of these clubs in their weekly meetings to identify issues impacting their school or extended community, organize agendas, and accomplish objectives developed within the club. Monthly gatherings function as a platform for the clubs to network with an emphasis on leadership development through workshops, meetings with public officials and outings. 


Young people live under threat of climate catastrophe, police brutality and continued threats on our bodily autonomy. We live out our values by organizing a strong base of young leaders of color now to ensure our future reflects our values of justice.

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"I love the connections that I made with people … Once I started volunteering, I’m like, 'this is for me.' I love my Raza. I want to help people out – fighting for people’s rights."

– Edilia Mendez, Latinx Student Congress

Recent Campaigns 

#Roseland4Roseland + Roseland Resiliency Center

In September 2021, youth participating in the Latinx Student Congress learned that the City of Santa Rosa’s Planning Commission was set to approve a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to a cannabis company that wanted to open a multifunctional dispensary on a former learning center for youth – the former Roseland University Prep (RUP) campus located at 100 Sebastopol Road in the heart of Santa Rosa’s Roseland neighborhood. Roseland youth stood in opposition of such a project that they knew would further impact a community already suffering high rates of incarceration due to cannabis.

The Latinx Student Congress immediately started to survey homes and neighborhoods on the community’s knowledge of the proposed project. Thus, the #Roseland4Roseland campaign began. Youth and community leaders gathered well over a thousand signatures for a petition. Even though the City of Santa Rosa eventually voted to move forward with the planned cannabis dispensary, the community mobilization led by youth continues to help voice the demands of the Roseland community. especially a need for a permanent public library, a multicultural center, and a resiliency hub – designed as a community-controlled and operated power microgrid.


In February 2022, the Climate Justice Task Force of NBOP passed a proposal to join and support the growing initiative to get the City to create a community center and resiliency hub on newly acquired city land in Southwest Santa Rosa. This location could house multiple community-driven amenities and services, including the long-promised permanent Roseland Library, Community Center, and a first-of-its-kind resiliency center and power microgrid.

NBOP's Climate Justice Task Force and Latinx Student Congress will continue establishing partnerships with organizations whose work strengthens resilient communities through their framework and investment into creating community-operated microgrids as a form of bringing energy autonomy to communities impacted by climate change, and face social, economic and disparities. 

Will you join us? 

Latinx Student Congress groups meet regularly as part of local MEChA groups at Sonoma County middle and high schools and select college campuses.

If you have questions or want to get involved, please contact us at and your inquiry will be directed to our lead youth organizer.


You can also follow @LatinxStudentCongress on Instagram. 

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