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A Just Recovery

Since its launch in 2018, the work of the Just Recovery Partnership has advanced the Sonoma and Napa county region towards a just disaster response that includes and validates the experiences and expertise of the diverse Latino community in Sonoma and Napa counties in the face of ongoing crises. This climate justice work uplifts just transition and just recovery principles by centering the voices of those most impacted by climate change and disaster. 


Our work shapes local policy and procedure around emergency preparedness, evacuation protocols, and recovery effort, our efforts to increase the civic power of immigrant women, and our mobilization around community resilience hubs. 


By building trust across the region, and creating new bridges and connections, the Just Recovery Partnership makes sure those most affected have a seat at the table when and where policies and decisions are being made. By being included and having a say in the response to disasters, our communities can start to disrupt the institutional and systemic racism embedded in formal disaster response systems. 


The Just Recovery Partnership focuses on the ongoing emergency response and disaster preparedness since the 2017 wildfires. Together with other cross-sector leaders, the Just Recovery Partnership is informing and shaping local policy and procedure around emergency preparedness, evacuation protocols, and recovery efforts.


Our leaders are filling the gap of grassroots leader participation and helping build the foundation of a more equitably responsive disaster response space in the region. As a partnership, our collective work elevates the wisdom and expertise of those most affected and impacted by disasters to ensure that disaster response is grounded in our community.

We believe in working together to enact just responses by lifting up the narratives of the most affected and by reinforcing the work of mutual aid partnerships.

For a comprehensive read on the Just Recovery Parntership, visit the Latino Community Foundation

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Revolutionizing Disaster Philanthropy
A Case Study: The Just Recovery Partnership

Revolutionizing Disaster Philanthropy is a report that features stories, civic engagement wins, and recommendations to the philanthropic sector. It is a case study of the Just Recovery Partnership meant to amplify this unique model within disaster philanthropy.

Real State of Response Cover.jpg

The Real State of the Response: A Brief on Disaster Response in Sonoma County

The disasters that struck Sonoma County beginning with the wildfires in 2017 and compounded by the life-threatening mishandling of the COVID pandemic in 2020 exacerbate deep inequalities faced by working people of color and the most vulnerable members of our society. Non-English speakers, renters, and undocumented people have all reported significant gaps in resources after a major disaster hits. Environmental events are not inherently unjust. Rather, vulnerability to the effects of a disaster is informed by gender, ethnicity, language, socio-economic status, special needs, age, housing tenure, and the ways in which government, philanthropy, and civil society respond to residents. 

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Formed by NBOP and our allies Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees, The Graton Day Labor Center and North Bay Jobs with Justice, UndocuFund has distributed more than $16 million dollars directly into the pockets of Sonoma County's undocumented community members. 

Immigrant Defense

We continue to organize and lead the North Bay Rapid Response Network (Sonoma, Napa and Solano Counties) that serves to verify and document ICE raids, accompany undocumented community members to immigration hearings, and provide ongoing training to legal observers, accompaniment teams, and community members.

Right to a Roof  

We have expanded our work on tenant protections, and continue to lead a coalition to gain greater protection for tenants. Rents had risen 50% over 5 years before the fires and spiked 36% more after the fires. A 1% vacancy rate has left renters and low-wage earners more vulnerable than ever, and many are rapidly being displaced from our region.

Sanación del Pueblo 

Learn more about NBOP's community-based healing clinics here.

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