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Board of Directors

We are a movement organization.


At NBOP, we value lived experience over the exclusivity of traditional nonprofit models. We train leaders from our community who are involved in our various task forces and initiatives toward racial, social and economic justice. 

Erin Chimieleski

Erin Chmielewski

Interim President

I’m a Petaluman at heart, raised here since 8 years of age. I have always had a desire to work with the community, whether through Girl Scouts or volunteering. In early 2017 I sought out local groups that would allow me to work with the community in an engaging way, and that led me to a “Come and See” hosted by NBOP. I was inspired by members presenting and felt I had found a place I could truly grow. During the last 5 years I have gotten the resolution It Won’t Happen Here passed in Rohnert Park, helped coordinate forums with NBOP (I moderated the SoCo Sheriffs Forum in Petaluma), worked on multiple local campaigns, and was part of putting on Petaluma’s 1st Women’s March.

Paul Robbins.jpg

Paul Robbins


NBOP is Paul’s political home. As part of Redwood Forest Friends Meeting (Quakers), he has been active with NBOP since 2012. Paul is joyfully engaged with NBOP’s Deep Democracy Team. Previously, he was part of NBOP’s task force on Education Justice and served on the NBOP Board during 2018-2021 as President and then as At-Large member. Paul’s lifework is engaging his community to create a multiracial, multiclass, participatory social democracy with his effort focused on universal voting rights and a quality public education as a civil and Constitutional right. As such, Paul is actively engaged in a variety of roles with the We the People—Math Literacy for All Alliance and serves the Alliance as a representative from NBOP. Paul also volunteers with the ACLU on voting rights matters.

Mico Sorrel

Mico Sorrel

Board Treasurer

My family roots span five generations in California but I became passionate about the mission and work of NBOP over the ten years I lived in Sonoma County. As NBOP empowers and trains emerging leaders across racial lines, it serves to unite people for social, economic and environmental justice. While I now live on a rural island in Washington State I continue to serve this most remarkable organization as Treasurer of the Board. My personal life is nourished by my social justice work, my family and my garden.

Benjamin Broadbent

Rev. Benjamin Broadbent

Board Member

Having grown up in Santa Cruz, Benjamin moved back to California from Colorado Springs where he served as a pastor for 17 years. Now Benjamin serves as Lead Minister of the Community Church of Sebastopol ( and enjoys being a part of intergenerational communities, especially when there’s dancing involved. Benjamin is nourished by intellectual conversations, especially about theology, and through direct action on behalf of workers, reproductive rights, and the LGBTQ community. Benjamin has been writing poetry some of which can be found on his blog:

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