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NBOP staff members represent the communities we serve.


We come from the most disenfranchised communities in Sonoma County: immigrants, working poor, frontline and essential workers, and people of color. We actively hold each other to radical love, compassion, and action. Our staff center inclusivity and nonviolent communication.

Community Consultants

Carmen Leilani De Jesus (she/ella)

Resilience and Liberation Coach

Carmen Leilani De Jesus is a 2nd generation Filipina-American who brings the work of Embodiment, Boundaries and Consent to cultivate sovereignty, leadership and resilience in individuals and organizations. Carmen’s aim is to create safer containers for expanding social-emotional capacity.  By teaching tools for co-regulation, relationship management and time management, Carmen’s work engages nervous system awareness to strengthen discernment, self-trust and boundary-communication skills. She integrates multiple modes of knowing and formal training and is informed by her lived experiences with boundary violations, unhealthy power dynamics, burnout and the lack of consent culture in the workplace. Carmen also explores these topics with a lens focused on decolonization, equity and inclusivity as paths to more regenerative and equitable futures. Selected career highlights include working in corporate advertising, marketing, recruitment, with direct experience coaching C-level business executives, entrepreneurs, non-profit teams and start-up founders. She has been working with Dr. Betty Martin, the developer of the Wheel of Consent framework, since 2013., and helped to establish the School of Consent in 2018. In addition to her work as a consent educator and coach, Carmen is also a mother, playwright and breast cancer survivor, and can also be found on Instagram managing @thewheelofconsent or her personal account, @consentisapractice. More online at

Manuel Gonzalez (he/él)

Language Justice and Interpretation Contractor

Manuel has a true passion as an interpreter for the community to make sure he gives voice and understanding where otherwise there might be a language barrier that would be difficult to cross. He has been working with NBOP and various non-profits for the last 4 years. Manuel strongly believes in the concept of Language Justice. Manuel immigrated with his family from Mexico when he was 2 years old. He got his degree from Chico State and wants to ensure other immigrants are afforded the same opportunity to better their community and realize their potential. Manuel is an optician by trade but has found a calling in lending his interpretive voice whenever needed.

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