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Our Work

We foster leadership in our community. It defines us. Since 2010, our leaders have built a regional democratic power organization. Every two years, our twenty member institutions convene an Issues Assembly to cast votes and form task forces on key issues impacting our community.


Our initiatives call us to organize ongoing work.


Our mutual aid and fiscal sponsorship allow us to build capacity and respond to immediate community needs.

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Immigrant Defense

NBOP’s Immigrant Defense Task Force (IDTF) formed in 2017 motivated by political and systemic failures that deepened inequality for immigrant and undocumented communities during the Tubbs/Nuns fire formed by immigrants and our allies. We work on culturally responsive solutions that center language justice to improve the living conditions for immigrant, Indigenous and undocumented communities.

Sol to Sol The land isn't for sale, it's to defend_

Climate Justice

We dare to imagine a different world where we put the earth and people over profit. A world where we rely on each other, our own communities and neighbors, through mutual aid programs, community-led organizations, and our collective resources, relief, and resilience to get us through the best of times and the toughest of times. And we believe we can build this world together.

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Police Accountability

Our people are standing up to institutions that kill, harm, detain and criminalize immigrants and members of our most vulnerable communities. NBOP's Police Accountability Task Force is looking for leaders who want to stand up and work to hold law enforcement institutions accountable. 


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Housing Justice &
Sonoma County Tenants Union

We believe a healthy community begins with secure shelter, safe from the constant threat of eviction or sweep, backbreaking rents, or that next crisis that could drive us from our home. Together, as tenants and neighbors, we can create a future where each of us is safe and has access to affordable, dignified housing.


Deep Democracy & 
Civic Engagement

Deep Democracy is the civic engagement arm of the North Bay Organizing Project. It's the fundamental idea that we must forge deep relationships with our neighbors and community members, to identify what is at stake for us, and make sure we can stand up for our collective liberation.

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Latinx Student Congress

Our Latinx Student Congress organizes youth leaders from Latinx-based social justice clubs in middle school, high school, community college, and universities to deepen their understanding of power dynamics and lead campaigns for more equitable living conditions in their communities.

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Just Recovery Partnership

The Just Recovery Partnership focuses on the ongoing emergency response and disaster preparedness since the 2017 wildfires. Our leaders are filling the gap in grassroots leader participation and helping build the foundation of a more equitably responsive disaster response space in the region. As a cross-sector partnership, our collective work elevates the wisdom and expertise of those most affected and impacted by disasters to ensure that disaster response is grounded in our community.

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North Bay Rapid Response Network

The Rapid Response Network provides a way for people to respond to fear and anxiety in our community as a result of the increase in immigration enforcement, ICE raids and other attacks against our communities. The network provides a 24-hour hotline to immigrants facing a raid by federal immigration agents, dispatches trained legal observers to the raid location, provides legal defense to affected communities, and offers accompaniment to victims and families following a raid

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Queer Asylum Accompaniment Team

Queer Asylum Accompaniment was formed in 2019 as a mutual aid network to support LGBTQ+ asylum seekers to find refuge in Sonoma County.  We try to fulfill the essential needs of LGBTQ+ asylum seekers, whether that's acquiring housing, food, legal support or connecting them to local social services while they go through the legal asylum process. 

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