Rapid Response Network


WHo We Are

The Rapid Response Network provides a way for people to respond to fear and anxiety in our community as a result of the increase in immigration enforcement, ICE raids and other attacks against our communities. The network provides a 24 hour hotline to immigrants facing a raid by federal immigration agents, dispatches trained legal observers to the raid location, provides legal defense to affected communities, and offers accompaniment to victims and families following a raid.


To mobilize an emergency response network, serve as witnesses to immigration enforcement actions, uphold the rights of immigrants, and provide services to affected North Bay residents.

The Network


Know Your Rights For Immigrants

Several of our network organizations host know-your-rights trainings for immigrants. These events are in Spanish or English & Spanish and cover a broad range of topics including power of attorney, DACA renewal, and what to do if immigration is at your door.

Legal observation teams

The legal observation team is made up of MigraWatch-trained observers who respond directly to the site of an ongoing ICE raid. Observers bear witness to immigration enforcement actions and provide data for the network and the victim’s legal defense.



Lawyers from across the North Bay have offered their services to undocumented immigrants who have been apprehended and/or charged by federal immigration enforcement. When the hotline is activated, the lawyers are notified and begin the process of legal aid.


The accompaniment team has made a long-term commitment to be present for the victims and involved in the work. These teams will work to support the victims with presence to their needs— rides, connecting to social services, food, making appointments, housing, etc.


24 hour hotline: 707-800-4544