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Sanación del Pueblo

Sanación del Pueblo, the People’s Healing Clinic is a mutual-aid run pop-up clinic that mobilizes healing practitioners – including massage therapists, acupuncturists, herbalists, counselors, and traditional healers – toward collective wellness.  


NBOP’s Sanación del Pueblo began as a community mobilized response to the attempted repeal of DACA, and the community-wide heartbreak experienced by mixed-status immigrant families in September of 2017. That very next month, devastating wildfires consumed homes and lifelines in a community already vulnerable to housing insecurity, ICE harassment, and environmental racism.  

We know the act of healing is inherently political for communities who have endured historical erasure, colonial legacies of violence and white supremacist violence. Our healing clinic work is intentionally led by Latinx and Indigenous people who are reclaiming their cultures’ traditional practices while helping mobilize people's power toward community-identified sustainable solutions to local issues.


Held multiple times throughout the year, our healing clinics encourage people to get involved with changing the systems that are making them sick. By experiencing the feel, smell, taste, and sight, of healing spaces, participants’ collective memory is awakened and community power is activated.

Are you a healer who would like to offer your services as part of our healing clinic, or are you a community member who would like to volunteer during our healing clinics? Contact to get involved. 

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