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Let's Win Stronger Renter Protections in Sonoma County! Three Things You Can Do Now

Let's win Countywide Just Cause eviction protections and renter protections during disasters. We have the solutions for a just future for our communities.

Community leaders at a press conference against an unjust eviction at a Santa Rosa-based mobile home park. (North Bay Organizing Project)

Dear Members and Supporters of NBOP – 


One year ago this week, we won Just Cause eviction protections and relocation assistance for renters in Petaluma. Now, on May 21st, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors will be taking action on a pivotal Just Cause tenant protection ordinance.


It's imperative that this ordinance incorporates automatically activated safeguards during states of emergency, such as disasters or public health crises. This presents a vital opportunity to close the existing loopholes in state eviction protections and ensure housing stability for our community members during their most vulnerable times. Additional policies like anti-harassment and anti-retaliation protections are also requested.


Our main asks are:

  1. Permanent just cause eviction protections that are stronger and close loopholes in state law.

  2. Temporary tenant protections that will be triggered by a state of emergency for disaster or public health crisis, to include a one-month rent freeze, eviction moratorium except for essential evictions, and rent assistance.

Join the North Bay Organizing Project, Legal Aid of Sonoma County, Sonoma County Tenants Union, and UndocuFund in our push for these necessary renter protections now!

How to Take Action


1. Join our May Sonoma County Tenants Union General Meeting

 Saturday, May 18th at 1pm

1717 Yulupa AveSanta Rosa, CA

We'll discuss our agenda item for the Tuesday, May 21st Board of Supervisors meeting, share our personal experiences as renters, and highlight the significance of these protections, while also gearing up for the meeting on May 21st.


2. Give Public Comment at the Board of Supervisors Meeting on Tuesday, May 21

Agenda Item #47 Tuesday, May 21st, 10:30am575 Administration Dr.Santa Rosa, CA

No Zoom comments allowed

Email or Text Beatrice if you're interested in attending: or 707-479-5475


3. Email Your Supervisor

Click on your Supervisor's email address and a sample email will pop up.Don't know who your supervisor is? Find out here!

Email all Supervisors:

District 1: Susan Gorin -

District 2: David Rabbitt, Chair  -

District 3: Chris Coursey -

District 4: James Gore -

District 5: Lynda Hopkins -

You can use this email template to craft your own letter:


Hello Supervisor [Name],

My name is [Name], a resident and [renter/homeowner] in [City/Community]. I write to you with a sense of urgency and concern as I [navigate/have been forced to navigate] the difficult process of [eviction/rent increase/other housing-related issue] in our community.

I appreciate the opportunity to share my experience in the hopes that it will prompt you to pass strong tenant protections. [Describe briefly personal hardships that made these housing issues difficult to navigate i.e. fixed income, loss of job due to fire or pandemic, disability, language barrier…]

My situation underscores the pressing need for improved tenant rights and safeguards in our community. The lack of comprehensive protections has left individuals like me vulnerable to unfair practices and has placed an undue burden on tenants facing [eviction, rent increase or other issue related to housing]. Therefore, I urge the Board to pass a County Just Cause ordinance and consider emergency stabilization protections. Additionally, the implementation of a rental registry would greatly benefit us, allowing us to stay informed of our rights and take action if they are violated. These policies can stabilize our community and help reset the power imbalance between tenants and landlords.

By enacting stronger tenant protections, we can create a more just and secure housing landscape for all residents. Thank you for your time and consideration.


[Your Name]

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