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We Mourn and Rage Against White Supremacist Gun Violence

13 people killed in Buffalo.

1 elder killed and 5 others wounded in Laguna Woods.

21 students and teachers killed in Uvalde.

No child should fear going to school. No elder should walk in fear of picking up a carton of milk or going to church to pray. No parent should have to risk being detained by ICE while trying to see if their child was a victim of a mass shooting. Over the past two weeks, we’ve seen our elders and our babies become the latest victims of a cowardly submission to white supremacy – which is at the root of each of these acts.

Police power. Border patrol. NRA lobbyists. These are the militaristic arms of a capitalist state. They are rooted in systems of slavery and uphold the carceral state of violence in our communities. We see this as local schools face increased police presence as a direct result of yesterday’s massacre. No child should see their friend lying next to them with a bullet in their body. Adding more guns to our schools is not the solution.

Enough is enough. We are rising up.

As parents, faith leaders, immigrants, and working people, we stand up against violent ideologies that continue to strike fear in the hearts of our children. More police presence doesn’t keep us safe. ICE participation in the aftermath of a mass shooting doesn’t keep us safe. As leaders from our most impacted communities, we yearn for a country where it is more simple to vote than it is to buy a gun.

We call out the capitalist structures that allow wealthy gun lobbyists to manipulate our laws.

We recommit ourselves to our fight for a more democratic world. We know that through our collective power, we can dream and create solutions that allow our children to do more than survive mass shootings, but to thrive as co-creators of their own futures.

Rise in power with us.

– Staff of the North Bay Organizing Project



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