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Anniversary Vigil: Justice for David Pelaez Chavez!

On July 29, 2022, Sheriff Deputy Michael Dietrick shot and killed immigrant worker David Pelaez Chavez. One full year has passed, and David’s family is still waiting on answers from the County. "It's a horrible feeling because we want justice and we're waiting for justice and to this day there hasn't been any," says David's brother José.

A badge is not a license to kill. Deputy Dietrick has shot and killed two men experiencing mental health crises — David Pelaez Chavez and Joseph Louis Melvin. Now, members of our community and David’s family are calling on DA Carla Rodriguez to hold Deputy Michael Dietrick accountable by prosecuting him for the unjust killing of David Pelaez Chavez.

On the one-year mark of David’s killing, the NBOP’s Police Accountability Task Force and Religious Leaders Caucus will organize a vigil with David’s family to honor David’s memory and ensure his story is not forgotten.


Justicia Para David: 1-Year Anniversary Vigil

When: July 29 at 6:30 PM

Where: Old Courthouse Square, Santa Rosa

Bring flowers to offer on the altar in David’s memory. Hear from David’s family, progressive faith leaders, and leaders for police accountability in our community.

Questions? Contact Joy Ayodele,

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