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PETITION: Sonoma County in Support of a Bilateral Ceasefire in Gaza NOW

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

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We, as people of faith and community members committed to justice, collectively mourn the horrific loss of life and the continued violence in Israel and Gaza. In this tense moment, we choose to exercise our collective power to call for de-escalation and demand that our elected officials demonstrate restraint in policy decisions that intensify violence in the region.

We believe that every human being is of sacred worth. We are and will continue to be, committed to protecting the lives of all civilians, including the 2.2 million people of Gaza, half of whom are children. We condemn any further steps toward violence. We condemn withholding and limiting humanitarian aid. We grieve that our tax dollars are funding the escalation of violence.

Because of this, we join our voices with all, including elected officials and world leaders, who are demanding a bilateral ceasefire now.

We invite you to join us in calling upon our local elected officials to work for an immediate ceasefire.

Members of the Religious Leaders Caucus North Bay Organizing Project

Barbara Babin Rev. Diana Bell-Kerr Rev. Lindsey Bell-Kerr Rev. Janet Blair

Janette Saavedra Rev. Ben Broadbent David Carlson Rev. Dave Clements David Hoffman Tamara Murrell Rev. Bev Spears

Sign our open letter using the form out the form below. Having trouble viewing? Click to access the petition here.

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