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North Bay Organizing Project Wins $2 Million Award From Yield Giving

Updated: Mar 21

The North Bay Organizing Project (NBOP) was awarded $2 million this week following a highly competitive application submitted to the Yield Giving Open Call in 2023. Through a process of peer and expert review of 6353 applications nation-wide, NBOP was selected as one of 279 organizations to receive $2 million in unrestricted funding that will serve to strengthen our transformative community organizing work. 

These unrestricted funds will allow NBOP to continue to deepen its roots in infrastructure and impact during an election year and to redistribute funds back into community organizing by developing leadership, and by winning campaigns for working-class communities and people of color in Sonoma County. NBOP’s success in being selected for this award reflects an organization with a proven track record and one that is nimble, culturally responsive, and intersectional in building community power. 

NBOP’s community leaders are on a clear path to transform local, regional, and national policies and systems that perpetuate social inequality and climate injustice. NBOP is their vehicle for social change. Since 2008, impacted community members have led actions to win free public transit, anti-eviction policies, language justice in emergency response systems, restorative justice in schools, and police accountability policies, many of which are the first in California. NBOP co-founded the first UndocuFund during the 2017 fires and in 2022 developed the California UndocuFund Network. In 2019, tenant leaders formed the Sonoma County Tenants Union in response to the renter housing crisis. In 2021, NBOP dispersed $5 million in emergency rental assistance and in 2022, NBOP leaders reached over 40,000 voters in frontline communities. 

We are the frontlines of the future.

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