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Stop Landlord Retaliation! Justice for the Residents of Sunset Mobile Home Park

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

"We know we only have POWER when we fight TOGETHER against abuses. We stand with Eduardo and Luisa and ALL tenants facing abuses by Echelon.” – José, resident at Sunset Mobile Home Park

Roughly 60 tenant, faith, and immigrant leaders gathered at Sunset Park Mobile Homes in support of Luisa and Eduardo, who are fighting a retaliatory eviction by their landlord, John Preston of Echelon Communities LLC.

In March 2023, residents of Sunset Mobile Home Park won their case against Echelon Communities LLC for illegal rent increases, with the California Superior Court issuing a judgment to award the families $47,244.10. After conducting repairs to make their home more livable during the 2022 winter storms, Eduardo and Luisa were repeatedly presented with 7-day notices by Echelon, despite filing a request for Reasonable Accommodations due to Eduardo’s disabilities which the company refused. In April 2023, Echelon presented Eduardo and Luisa a 60-day eviction notice.

Eduardo and Luisa, both local small business owners, are now in danger of losing their home. Because Eduardo’s survival depends on weekly dialysis treatments, facing a traumatic eviction while sick could be devastating to his long-term health. Public health studies show that evicted adults have higher all-cause mortality, with worse self-reported physical health. The couple has since filed their complaint with the California Civil Rights Department for Housing Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation.

We will continue to back up Luisa, Eduardo and the residents of Sunset who are standing in solidarity to fight harassment, abuse, intimidation, and retaliation at the hands Echelon Communities.

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